“Change happens one relationship at a time”: Our March 8 Volunteer Meeting

“Change happens one relationship at a time”: Our March 8 Volunteer Meeting

Heroes In Blue is currently a 100% volunteer run organization and our team is continually growing with passionate, creative individuals.

On Wednesday March 8th, our volunteer team met. Our goal was to continue our brainstorming about creative ways to connect police and community. At the meeting, we began by discussing the vision for Heroes In Blue and in particular our Compassionate Acts Grant Program. The program will fund police-driven initiatives to build relationships with the community. It will also be designed to share more positive stories and eventually develop a database of best practices in community policing.

To help guide our brainstorming, we dove into a rich discussion around a few of the current challenges and opportunities experienced by police. Katie Jasak of Richland County Sheriff’s Department was on hand to share about her experiences trying to reach out to communities in greatest need. She shared the positives – the people who were thankful – and also the challenges. img_7590

We talked about trust and entering communities who are wary of police. We talked about the importance of connecting with the non-English speaking and immigrant community. David Burns with the Lexington County Sheriff’s Department shared his experiences in schools. He shared that he was able to make change happen “one parent at a time.” The way he did it? By asking, “How can I help you?” David was one of our Knight of Honor nominees.

Change doesn’t happen overnight and it certainly doesn’t happen in one meeting. Through these discussions, we are working towards developing a shared understanding of what the needs are and how we as a movement can respond. As one of our volunteers said, we will keep “growing the army:” An army armed with love, compassion and a commitment to change.

Want to become a part of the movement? Find our group, Heroes In Blue Volunteers, or email us at weareheroesinblue@gmail.com.

  • Kassy Alia, President
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