Compassionate Acts Program Meeting

Compassionate Acts Program Meeting

Compassionate Acts Program

We had a great planning meeting today for our Compassionate Acts Program!

Our focus was on planning for our upcoming partnership with Harvest Hope! We have heard time and time again that police often come across families who are hungry and are unable to afford food. Our vision is to provide police, especially small, rural departments, with boxes of nonperishable food. So, when they come across a family in need, they can provide the box and connect them with resources to help their families. We are working on putting a pilot together that would test these ideas in summer, when food is especially scarce for families.

We also talked about putting together the Daddy and Me 5K. The run is Chief Kevin Cornett’s vision; he is from a broken home and knows the value of having a father figure. For a long time, he has wanted to raise money for the Midlands Fatherhood Coalition to support their work helping families and father reconnect but he hasn’t had the resources. Through our Compassionate Acts Program, we plan to make his vision a reality.

We are working hard to put the entire program together and recently conducted a survey with law enforcement in state. We heard about the things police encounter every day – homelessness, poverty, hunger, run down homes. We also heard about their ideas. For example, their ideas to build parks and recreation centers. Below are some example quotes.

“I’ve seen families that didn’t have much food. Not enough beds people sleeping 2-3 to a small bed. I’ve seen juvenile’s age 13-14 having to share underwear. I’ve walked into home that were falling apart and holes in the floor.” (Officer response from survey)

“There was a call that we sent one of our deputies to where an elderly lady with dementia was living alone and was malnourished, she had become a hoarder with several cats there. She had little to no family living here.” (Officer response from survey)

“I volunteer fire and rescue in Greatfalls and there is nothing for kids or anyone in that fact to do in that town. I would like to see maybe a community center or recreation center with a pool, basketball goals, and tennis courts and somewhere where kids, teens and adults can learn different crafts such as DYI projects.” (Officer response from survey)

The Compassionate Acts Program will help us put these ideas into action to build stronger communities. We stand with our heroes, those in blue as well as the many other men and women in our community who work hard everyday to make us safer, healthier, and happier.