Heroes In Blue is driven by the voices of diverse members of the community who support positive policing efforts and who advocate for strengthened unity between community and police. Our board includes representatives from law enforcement and community. We are proud of our partnerships with law enforcement leadership and community organizations in the Midlands region of South Carolina. We have a growing base of volunteers who are passionate about being a force for positive change. Our efforts are currently based in Columbia, S.C. and surrounding areas and we have a vision to grow.


Our mission is to promote community and police relations through empathy and action and to provide support for members and families of fallen officers.

Each day, thousands of positive interactions take place between law enforcement and the community. These stories often go untold. Our goal is to celebrate these compassionate and courageous acts in an effort to reinforce community policing efforts and unity between police and community.
We have four primary action areas:

  1. Awareness: We seek to provide an alternative narrative that emphasizes courageous and compassionate acts of service by law enforcement officers, demonstrates unity between community and law enforcement, and promotes empathy for shared goals related to positive community development.
  2. Appreciation: We coordinate efforts for community-engagement in showing appreciation to law enforcement officers and their families for positive policing efforts and promote reciprocal appreciation between police and community.
  3. Community building: Through community-law enforcement partnerships and creative opportunities for positive interaction, we seek to support ongoing efforts by law enforcement agencies to build trust and bridge gaps in community-police relationships.
  4. Tragedy response: We coordinate local support efforts for the families and colleagues of law enforcement officers who were killed as a result of violence in the line of duty.